Granite Countertop Colors:
Yellow Granite

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Yellow Granite Countertop Good as Gold: This gallery of yellow granite countertop colors contains over 70 choices for your kitchen idea folder. Scroll down to check out the collection below...

A Ray of Sunshine: From a burst of sunlight in the morning, to the yellow street signs on a mountain road, yellow is definitely known an attention-getting color. From bright and cheery yellow granites to more subdued beige and golden hues, these granite colors will enliven any kitchen and shine a spotlight on your good fashion.

Elegant Variations: Some of these colors feature reflective minerals embedded in gold and yellow granite, while others feature beige, brown, and gray peppered into a yellow background.

Trendy Colors: The most popular granite colors in this gallery include Giallo Imperial, Yellow Icarai, Yellow Capri, Tiger Skin Yellow, Brazilian Gold, Padang Yellow, Amarillo Gold, and Shivakashi Yellow.

Important Info: Granite is a completely natural material, so the patterns and colors do vary. While granite yards cannot carry all of these yellow granites, they should supply the most common choices for your neck of the woods. Be sure to keep your options open and enjoy the search!

This Photo Gallery: Yellow Granite

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