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Sit back, relax, and discover new remodeling ideas while you watch the kitchen videos below. We've compiled some of our favorite photos and turned them into finished kitchen slideshows to help you find fresh design ideas in a variety of styles.

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Rustic & Log Home Kitchens - Video Slideshow
These timber frame, rustic, and log home kitchens fill the gap between the untamed beauty of the great outdoors and our inherent desire for a warm and inviting place to cook. This slideshow video was created to accompany our photo galleries of Rustic Kitchens and Log Home Kitchens.

Music: "With Warmth's Ease" by History of Painters. Licensed through
Photos: Most pictures provided by Crown Point Cabinetry with the express written permission of the copyright owner. Other photos licensed from stock sources. See our galleries (Rustic | Log Home) for complete photo credits.

Antique Kitchens - Video Slideshow
Featuring both classical ambiance and distinctive charm, these antique kitchens add a genuine sense of history to traditional-style homes. Several of these kitchens have antique furniture in contrasting colors, glazed white cabinets with wood carvings, and beautiful chandeliers hanging over a breakfast table or island. This slideshow video accompanies the Antique Kitchens article and gallery on this site.

Music: The Four Seasons: Spring (Violin Concerto in E major). Used under commercial license.
Photos: All images licensed from stock sources. See our gallery (Antique Kitchens) for specific credits for each photo.

French Country Kitchens - Video Slideshow
The natural materials and warm earth tones in these beautiful kitchens embody the rich character and landscape of rural France. This slideshow was made to go with our French Country Kitchens article and gallery.

Music: "Astor in Paris" by 3 Leg Torso. Used under commercial license.
Photos: The kitchen displayed in final frames of the slideshow was designed by Amanda Lavi of R.A. Design Group; pictures used by permission. All other photos were licensed from stock sources. See our gallery (French Country Kitchens) for exact credits for each image.

Mexican Kitchen Design - Video Slideshow
The bold, dramatic colors and lively decor in these beautiful kitchens embody the rich heritage and vibrant culture of Mexico. This video was made to supplement our complete gallery of Mexican kitchen designs; be sure to read the article for fresh decor ideas.

Music: "Granada Tropical" by Roger Espinoza. Used under license and by the written permission of the artist (an awesome musician and fantastic friend)
Photos: All pictures were licensed from stock sources. Visit our gallery (Mexican Kitchens) to see particular credits for each photo.

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