Step Into the Light With This Modern Kitchen

Open Plan Design, Lively Colors Brighten Up a Small Space

When you cast your eyes upon this light, spacious and stylish modern kitchen, it takes a real stretch of the imagination to realize that this room was once a dark, cramped room.

Modern kitchen with white cabinets, a rich wood island, and a vibrant green glass backsplash
White cabinets along the walls contrast with a rich wood island for a nice balance of colors. The green glass backsplash adds vibrance to the color scheme in this modern kitchen.

The change was essential according to owners Roy and Jennifer Dixon, since the original kitchen was confining and difficult to cook in. They decided it was time for a massive transformation.

That's where the UK-based remodeling firm Kitchen Design Centre came in. The room completely changed in a matter of weeks, and now ranks among the most modern kitchen designs in the neighborhood, featuring all of the latest appliances.

Prior to the remodel, the Dixons weren't sure exactly what they wanted from their new kitchen. They turned to Simon at Kitchen Design Centre to come up with some fresh ideas for them to choose from. The remodeling process became far more inspiring and fun once they saw their options.

So how did it change? Not only was the kitchen extended to make it feel more spacious, but they also added a worktop island in the middle of the kitchen to cram for more space everywhere else, giving noticeably more open feel to the room.

The open plan kitchen features bright green colors and large windows overlooking the garden
The bright green colors and the huge windows overlooking the garden allow light to pour into the room, adding to the bright feel while complementing the spacious design perfectly.

Of course it's the actual extension itself that makes it bigger as well. The old kitchen was about half the size; it now incorporates the old dining room to create an enlarged kitchen. They now have the option of eating in their new kitchen too, which makes their lives much easier. The dining area comes complete with a television and sofa for added space and comfort.

There are also innovative appliances that are now a common element of many of today's best contemporary kitchens.

Three ovens are situated across from the island which includes an electric hob (cooktop) and quartz countertops
Three ovens are placed at ergonomic height directly across from the generously sized island which includes an eco-efficient hob ("cooktop" for those outside the UK) and white engineered quartz countertops.

The green glass backsplash also helped to transform the dreary space into a vibrant contemporary kitchen. Under cabinet lighting is integrated into the bottom of the upper cabinets for a glowing ambiance and an even brighter work area.

To the left of the main faucet is a Quooker boiling water tap which dispenses water at 100°C.
Installed to the left of the main faucet is a Quooker boiling water tap which dispenses water at 100°C.

According to the owners, the transformation has completely altered the couple's lives. Jennifer says her new kitchen is even more amazing than she ever could have imagined.

"It's a pleasure to cook in", said Jennifer. "We are over the moon -- the outcome was amazing and exceeded our expectations."

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