St Johns Red Granite

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St Johns Red Granite
St Johns Red Granite
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Name: St Johns Red granite

Also Known As: African Red, South African Red, Rosso Africa

Stone Type: Granite

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops

Origin: South Africa

Colors: Mostly Red, with Black, Gray

Pattern: Spotted

Designer Comments: With deep black minerals and translucent quartz sprinkled across a bright red backdrop, St. John's Red Granite proclaims its colors in Biblical fashion. Not subtle or subdued, this granite is sure to turn heads. Consider pairing it up with black & white accents and chrome accessories for a retro style kitchen. Scroll down to see some additional red granite colors.

Caveat: Image accuracy is not guaranteed. Because granite is a completely natural product, it's improbable to find anything that looks exactly like this picture. It could be vastly different. I encourage you to review the slabs in person prior to selecting a granite color for your kitchen.

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