South African Red Granite

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South African Red Granite
South African Red Granite
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Name: South African Red granite

Also Known As: African Red, Rosso Africa, St. John's Red

Stone Type: Granite

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops

Origin: South Africa

Colors: Red, Black, Gray

Pattern: Randomly Spotted

Designer Comments: Sporting a dazzling red backdrop with bold blotches of black minerals and gray quartz, South African Red granite doesn't just make a statement, it shouts. With its peppered spots and polished red shell, it may look like a ladybug, but it's no Volkswagen. Like a classic roadster or '50s diner, this daring surface pairs up perfectly with bright metal hardware and black leather bar stools. See alternative red granites in the gallery below...

Caveat: Colors and photos are not always accurate. Because granite is 100% natural, you won't find material that looks just like this picture. It may be very different, and so be sure to pick your slabs in person when getting granite for your kitchen.

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