Minimalist Kitchen Makes History

A Modern Style in a Classic Setting

Located in a former congregational house in Germany, this minimalist kitchen adds a decidedly modern feel to this historic space, along with its original stained glass windows set in pointed Gothic arches. 

Minimalist kitchen with cream cabinets and walnut wood countertops complements the Gothic arches of this historic building.
Cream-white cabinetry and walnut veneered countertops serve as a subtle warm contrast to the white plaster walls of the historic building while maintaining the simplicity of the room.

A unique collaboration of a photographer, two designers, and a century-old cabinet company, this small kitchen makes history in its own little way.

The kitchen was a project of the long-time friends Udo Knake and Hartmuth Klemme. Knake is the owner of the manufacturer Möbelfabrik Werner Knake (founded in 1914). Klemme is a freelance photographer and the kitchen was installed in his studio in Herford, Germany. Arno Honvehlmann supported both men in the design.

The triangular layout of this minimalist kitchen creates a highly functional work area in a small space.
The triangular layout provides a highly functional work space while maintaining the simplicity of the overall design. A slim stainless steel island hood provides ample ventilation without obstructing the kitchens open feel.

"We wanted to set contrasts," says Udo Knake. The designers achieved this goal through color and style choices. Darker wood countertops provide contrast to the white walls and off-white cabinets. And in comparison to the Gothic arched window styles, the cabinetry has a minimalist design. 

Minimalist kitchen island with electric induction cooktop, walnut countertops, and cream cabinets
The kitchen island features an electric induction cooktop along with plenty of drawer storage for pots, pans, and utensils.

The high-gloss cabinets in creamy white are framed by walnut panels. A matte finish allows the wood to maintain a its very natural look.

Walnut wood countertop with matte finish and slate powder pigment.
For the wooden parts, Knake included something special: In the low-solvent varnish, they added slate powder as a natural pigment, giving the finish a light, dry tone that maintains the raw beauty of the original wood.


Design: Hartmuth Klemme, Udo Knake, Arno Honvehlmann.

Möbelfabrik Werner Knake
Herford, Germany

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