A Contemporary Two-Tone Kitchen

Under a Loft

A Contemporary Two-Tone Kitchen Under a Loft
Open Air Ambiance: Designed under a modern loft, this contemporary two-tone kitchen features white cabinets (by ALNO), Macassar ebony drawers, mocha walls, orange accents, and dark wood floors. A wide arched window brings daylight into both levels.
White cabinets, gray countertops, and sleek twin chimney hoods in stainless steel
Seeing Double: Sleek twin chimney hoods in stainless steel create an impressive focal point in the room, while pure white cabinets, cool gray countertops, and aluminum tambour doors contrast with the warm colored walls.
Frosted glass cabinet doors and lighted shelves
Light it Up: Frosted glass cabinet doors along the back side of the kitchen peninsula also feature in-cabinet lighting. Open shelves shown to the left of the range hood also feature built-in illumination.
Modern dual chimney hoods each contain four lights
Made to Cook: The modern dual chimney hoods each have four lights in a center panel inset to allow airflow around the rim. The lighted shelves also cast cool light onto the countertop and backsplash.

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