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Color: Gold Kitchen Cabinets

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Modern Gold Kitchen Welcome! This photo gallery has pictures of kitchens featuring gold kitchen cabinets in modern styles. Take a look!

Gold Kitchens: Treasured for its rarity, gold has always been a symbol of great wealth, opulence, and success since ancient times. It is the most useful metal, and besides jewelry and Olympic gold medals, its uses include electronics, medicine, aerospace, and architecture. It is no surprise that modern gold cabinets make a grand statement of achievement and extravagance, and they are as rare gold itself.

Gold Kitchens - Trends: If used in a kitchen at all, gold is usually seen as a highlight in a luxury kitchen. Completely gold cabinets are unique and quite exotic. There are many granites with flecks of gold that would well compliment such a kitchen.

Gold Kitchens - Everyday Use: Gold cabinets might require more care and attention to keep sparkling. Fingerprints and food splatters could show very easily, and simple but more regular cleaning will produce a rewarding shine.

Enjoy the photos!

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Modern Gold Kitchen
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Modern Gold Kitchen
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