A Modern Blue Kitchen

with Glossy Cabinets

Blue Shine: This glossy and luxurious modern blue kitchen features an variety of materials that sparkle and shine, including glass, aluminum, stainless steel, chrome, porcelain, and acrylic.

A Modern Blue Kitchen with Glossy Cabinets

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Deep Reflections: A number of surfaces add luster to the kitchen, especially the European-style blue plastic cabinets, the glossy black porcelain floor tiles, and the mosaic tile backsplash.

A Modern Blue Kitchen with Glossy Cabinets

Gleaming Objects: Various metallic elements include the extra-large chrome cabinet handles, stainless steel chimney hood, stainless steel toe kicks, and decorative metal cabinet legs. Clear surfaces are heavily employed as well, including the vertical-lift glass cabinet doors, the glass canopy hood, and the plexiglass kitchen table and chairs.

A Modern Blue Kitchen with Glossy Cabinets

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"Kitchen of the Week" - Published July 8, 2012

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