Kitchen Decor Trends for 2013

More and more homeowners are renovating their kitchen to add value to the home. Google Trends indicates that since January 2009, searches for kitchen design ideas have risen on a steady basis. It is one of the most important rooms in a home so it is imperative that it maximizes its functionality and looks and feels fantastic.

As with all living spaces in the home, technology progresses and trends change to enhance the homeowner's experience. Here are some kitchen decor trends to look forward to for 2013 and beyond.

Shaker Beech Kitchen with Soft Green Walls
Natural Decor: This transitional beech wood kitchen features soft green walls and a stainless steel backsplash with accessories at the ready.

Tailored Appliances

Unique and personalized appliances which can incorporate cutting-edge technology with style will be popular next year. This means tailoring pieces of equipment like your oven and cooker hood to coordinate with the rest of the decor. If you have a large family, the appliances that you use will need to be bigger and more convenient; therefore bespoke services allow you to purchase a machine that caters to your needs.

Range Oven and Hood in Red
Splash of Color: A red range oven and hood bring a custom look to this modern kitchen.


The types of material that you use will adapt in 2013 as wood and wood-based materials as well as aluminum frames become popular. Use exotic woods in the cabinets and ceiling; non-traditional woods include bamboo, walnut, rift oak, birch, and Macassar ebony.

Exotic Wood Cabinets with Horizontal Grain
Exotic wood with unique grain patterns should continue to be a popular kitchen decor trend.

Kitchen islands are set to become highly sought-after, incorporating a variety of materials like marble, natural stone and tempered glass. The glass theme in itself will be widely used in the form of splashbacks etc, but stainless steel is still a top favorite to create a professional look. The smooth, reflective surfaces of steel and chrome bring a highly contemporary touch to the design.


Simplicity is a big trend. 2013 is all about a minimalist decor with lighter colors such as off-white and grey. Extendable/foldable sections and storage is prevalent as the need to create a clear, unpretentious decor increases.

Minimalist Kitchen in Black, White, and Gray
Black, White, and Gray: The monochromatic color scheme of this minimalist kitchen is softened only by the aluminum-framed glass doors and kitchen decor on the countertop.

But it's not just about hiding the oven, fridge or extractor in available spaces in the room. There is more of an emphasis on designing the space around these appliances and incorporating them into the decor.

Kitchen Art

Art is being used more in the kitchen with 3D textures and abstract decorative patterns. 2013 is all about a unique design and what better way to achieve this than using unorthodox styles and shapes to make the room eye-catching.

A Unique Printed Glass Backsplash
This artistic printed glass backsplash reflects a growing kitchen decor trend.


Recently there has been a major shift in using lighting as an integral aspect in the kitchen design. There has been an increase in the number of homeowners looking to improve the property's energy efficiency and as a result, LED lighting is proving the answer as it can save you money off your annual utility bills.

Glass Shelf Supports with Built-In Lights
Lighting is built into the base of these suspended glass shelf supports.

It's not just about sustainability- LED lighting can help to influence the ambiance when dining as well as the practicality when cooking. Accent lighting is popular such as under-cabinet lighting and LED lighting integrated into the ceiling.

Chandeliers may seem too extravagant for the kitchen but they are rising in popularity too. They can transform the room to create a magnificent, lush decor so install them in the kitchen as well as the dining room and hallway.

Decorative chandeliers look like snowflake clusters over the modern kitchen island
Highly decorative chandeliers appear like clusters of snowflakes over the contemporary kitchen island.

Personalize It

Which of the kitchen trends mentioned above do you like? Find one that suits your personal taste and budget and update your kitchen next year.

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