Granite Countertop Colors:
Blue Granite

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Blue Granite Countertop Feeling Blue? This gallery of blue granite countertop colors features nearly 200 choices for your design inspiration. Scroll down to see the collection.

Stay Cool: Blue granite colors are highly popular for the unique beauty they add to a kitchen color scheme. From the reflective flashes of blue minerals embedded in dark granite to the cool waves of light blue quartzite, there are few choices more exotic or more likely to spark a conversation in the kitchen.

Popular Options: Top picks in this category include Blue Pearl, Sapphire Blue, Volga Blue, Blue Eyes, Blue Bahia, Bros Blue, Blue Fantasy, Bahama Blue, Dynamic Blue, and Louis Blue. You may see samples of the most popular blue granite colors in a granite slab yard near you. Several of these colors are rather exotic, so mind your wallet!

Keep in Mind: Granite countertop colors vary greatly from piece to piece, and many of the colors may not be available at your local supplier. Be sure to keep your options open and enjoy the search!

This Granite Photo Gallery: BLUE GRANITE COLORS

More Photos: See hundreds of granite countertop colors from all over the world!

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