Granite Countertop Colors:
Beige and Cream Granite

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Beige Granite Countertop Welcome! Here is a gallery of beige granite countertop colors, featuring well over 100 granite options for your kitchen design inspiration.

Staying Neutral: Cream-colored and beige granites are a traditional favorite and blend well with a variety of kitchen color schemes. I encourage many of my clients to consider beige granite as a safe yet beautiful choice for their kitchen remodels.

Popular Picks: Some of the more well-known colors in this category include Colonial Cream, Crema Bordeaux, Giallo Ornamentale, Giallo Santo, and Santa Cecilia Light. You should be able to find samples of the more popular granite colors at a granite yard near you.

Quick Note: Granite colors can vary greatly from slab to slab, and not all of these granite options will be at your local supplier, so be sure to keep an open mind and enjoy the treasure hunt!

This Granite Photo Gallery: BEIGE & CREAM

More Photos: See hundreds of granite countertop colors from all over the world!

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