Amarelo Capri Granite

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Amarelo Capri Granite
Amarelo Capri Granite
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Name: Amarelo Capri granite

Also Known As: Capri Yellow, Yellow Capri

Stone Type: Granite

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops

Country of Origin: Brazil

Colors: Brown, Beige, Yellow, Gold, Black, and Gray

Pattern: Speckled

Designer Comments: The word amarelo means yellow in Portuguese, the primary language of Brazil (where this granite is quarried). A tightly patterned yellow and brown stone with black speckles, Amarelo Capri has a consistent look with just enough variation to remind you that it's 100% natural. Consider combining it with light wood or antique white cabinets to create a warm color scheme.

Important Note: Please understand that the colors and photos here may be inaccurate. Since granite is a product of nature, finding material that looks exactly like this photo is not possible. Be prepared: Always select your material in person when buying granite for your kitchen remodel.

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