Alaska Granite

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Alaska Granite
Alaska Granite
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Name: Alaska granite

Stone Type: Granite

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops

Country of Origin: Brazil

Colors: White, Gray, Black, Beige, and sometimes Rust/Gold

Pattern: Veining

Designer Comments: Like snow-covered tundra in the Alaskan wilderness, this granite's appearance lives up to its name. Featuring blotches of beige to pure white feldspar intermixed with translucent gray quartz, this granite is amazingly beautiful. Mica crystals turned on edge show up as narrow, almost metallic-looking black marks. Some of the mica sits flat near the surface, glistening like silver in the reflected light. Golden rust tones are occasionally present due to oxidation over millions of years as water penetrated the bedrock. In the kitchen, this granite looks terrific in combination with a wide range of cabinet colors, including light, medium, and dark wood, and even white painted cabinets.

Caveat: Photo/color accuracy is not guaranteed. Since granite is a product of nature, I promise you will never find material that looks exactly like this picture. It could be completely different! Always select your particular slabs in person when ordering granite for your home.

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