African Red Granite

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African Red Granite
African Red Granite
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Name: African Red granite

Also Known As: Rosso Africa, South African Red, St. John's Red

Stone Type: Granite

Suggested Use: Kitchen Countertops

Origin: South Africa

Colors: Red, Black, and Gray

Pattern: Random Spotted

Designer Comments: With an intense red background featuring small pockets of black minerals and translucent quartz, this granite demands attention. Random spots pepper the surface of African Red granite like a freckled ladybug. As with a classic car or '50's diner, we see this surface sporting well with chrome hardware and black accents. But tread slowly around its flashy beauty, or you might get pulled over for speeding...

Caveat: Colors and photos may not be accurate. Because granite is truly natural, I promise you will not see material that looks exactly like this photo. It may be quite different! Always be sure to select your particular slabs in person when purchasing granite for your kitchen.

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